Grant Writing and Administration

Funding community infrastructure and public facilities is a challenging task for community leaders and non-profit organizations seeking to improve the lives of citizens they serve. In Stahly Engineering’s quest to provide a full range of services to the clients we serve we offer grant writing and administration as an integral part of our menu of planning and engineering expertise. Starting with a knowledge of potential funding sources we work closely with stakeholders to determine the best funding alternatives or packages. We are involved in the public process to determine community needs and issues and integrate the wishes of community leaders and their constituents in planning for facilities that include local infrastructure (i.e. water systems, wastewater systems), buildings, and transportation facilities (i.e. bridges, roads, and trails).


Stahly Engineering grant writing/administration staff has experience in writing and managing grant related projects funded by:

  • Treasure State Endowment Program (TSEP)

  • Community Development Block Grant Program (CDBG) - Housing and Public Facilities

  • HOME - HUDs housing program

  • Renewable Resource Grant and Loan Program (RRGL)

  • Projects receiving Congressional assistance through the Water Resources Development Act (WRDA) and the State and Tribal Assistance Grant Program (STAG)

  • Community Transportation Enhance Program (CTEP) that has now been replaced by the Transportation Alternatives Grant Program

  • Western Federal Lands Highway Division Federal Lands Access Program (FLAP) which has taken the place of the Forest Highways Program

  • Energy Efficiency and Conservation Block Grant (EECBG) which was part of the Economic Recovery Act (Stimulus Bill)

Bridger Pines County Water and Sewer District Wastewater Treatment Facility Upgrade

Stahly Engineering has served the Bridger Pines WSD with engineering services related to their infrastructure needs since 2008. This small community, located at the base of the Bridger Bowl Ski area, has struggled to improve their wastewater system for many years, a situation hampered by the environmentally sensitive area in which they are located, which led to a building moratorium on the development in the District. Stahly Engineering provided the District with evaluation of their system and wrote a PER that was used to help them apply for TSEP, RRGL, and WRDA grants, and SRF loan funds. Our Grant Writer, Robie Culver, was responsible for the grant applications that resulted in assisting the District with funding a $3 million improvement project.


Robie has served as the administrator of all funds utilized by the District for the project and has been instrumental in moving this project with strong public involvement forward.


West Mont Ron's Place

Grant writing services were provided to West Mont to acquire funding for Ron’s Place, a permanent home for disabled adults with fluctuating medical needs. This revolutionary concept in housing and treatment for disabled individuals will provide a continuum of care for the clients served by West Mont. Grants received included a CDBG Planning Grant to assist in funding the Preliminary Architectural Report, a CDBG Public Facilties Grant, and a HOME grant. Applications were carefully coordinated with West Mont staff and the architect completing the PAR. Activities included a variety of public meetings to support the applications.


TSEP Bridge and Other Transportation Related Projects

Stahly Engineering serves as the road and bridge engineer for several counties throughout Montana, including Anaconda/Deer Lodge, Big Horn,  Fergus, Glacier, Judith Basin, and Petroleum Counties. Our firm assists with a variety of engineering services to improve their roads and bridges, in addition to writing and administering grants utilized by the counties for funding their projects. We also routinely serve Lewis and Clark County with road assessments and improvements. Funding assistance for roads and bridges has come from sources such as the TSEP, FHWA Forest Highways grants, and FEMA. Robie Culver and other staff within the firm have been instrumental in acquiring funding and administering the grants received for use in conducting projects.

Helena YWCA Rehabilitation

The Historic Helena YWCA is in desperate need of rehabilitation in order for the program to continue to serve homeless women and their children. The City of Helena and Lewis and Clark County have sponsored grants to the Department of Commerce in order for the Board of Directors to hire an architect to complete a PAR and for $1,650,000 in administration and construction grants from CDBG Housing and Public Facilities and HOME.


Stahly Engineering's grant writer/administrator was hired by Lewis and Clark County to serve as the project coordinator/grant administrator for the rehabilitation project. Project upgrades will include new entrances, ADA compliance upgrades, refurbishment of living spaces, and upgrades to administrative offices. Robie is providing contracting with grant agencies and coordinating an investment that will utilize Historic Tax Credits. She is managing grants, providing for relocation of residents, and will participate in construction contractor management.


She also was the grant writer who secured the Housing grant from CDBG.


The project was completed in 2016.


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