Water and Wastewater

Stahly Engineering provides design for water, wastewater, and storm water systems that include distribution, storage, treatment, and collection. The services we provide range from initial planning and preliminary engineering reports to management and operation of designed systems. Our experienced utility engineers and support staff provide a variety of services for the water, sewer, and storm water management needs of both public and private clients. The following descriptions of our experience include a sampling of projects from a variety of clients. Many of the newly constructed projects involve all three water, wastewater, and storm water management systems. 

Lewis and Clark Fairgrounds/Dunbar Area Water and Wastewater Upgrades

This two phase project included abandonment of aging septic systems and a lift station, upgrading collection lines, and providing connection to the City of Helena’s wastewater system. Phase II activities connected the Dunbar area and the AGC facility previously served by individual wells to the City’s water system which provided a safe source of drinking water. Fire flows were improved to the Fairgrounds and larger distribution lines were provided to serve the new Exhibit Building. 

Town of Plevna Water System Upgrades

The Town of Plevna, Montana is completing a two phase project to upgrade water storage, pumping systems, and the distribution system for the entire Town.  Upgrades completed in Phase 1 included installation of a new 200,000 gallon storage tank, new domestic and fire suppression booster pumping system, and the replacement of distribution mains  and services in the core area of the Town.  Phase 2 will complete the distribution main and service replacement throughout the remainder of the Town, totaling approximately 20,000 LF of water main replacement in the Town.


Tongue River State Park Water System Improvements

Stahly Engineering provided survey, design, and construction management services for the public water supply that serves the entire campground that included new wells, new pump stations, and new transmission lines.


We also provided design and construction management services for a new wastewater collection and disposal system for two employee residences and a pole barn / shop. The project included working with the Montana Department of Environmental Quality and Big Horn County to obtain the required approvals and permits.

Town of Manhattan Advanced Wastewater Treatement Plant

The Town of Manhattan began upgrades to their wastewater system in the late 90’s utilizing Stahly Engineering to study their existing system and obtain funding for a sewer rehabilitation project. What started as main upgrades culminated in the design and construction of an award winning, advanced, mechanical wastewater treatment plant..



City of Livingston Water and Sewer System Improvements

Serving Livingston as their term contract engineer, Stahly Engineering has been involved in numerous projects in cooperation with the City to upgrade their infrastructure. This includes a phased approach to replacement of their aging water distribution system and diagnosis and design of improvements to the water treatment system.


A Preliminary Engineering Report and updated Facility Plan were prepared for the City’s wastewater system in 2014. In recognition of new regulations for nitrogen compounds, future phosphorous limits, and the age and condition of existing facilities, Stahly evaluated several alternatives for upgrading or replacing the biological treatment facilities.  An in-depth alternatives analysis concluded that upgrading the existing technology would be the most expensive option. As a result, the facility plan recommended replacing the existing technology with a new secondary treatment biological nutrient removal system for nitrogen and phosphorous removal. The City is currently awaiting funding for the recommended upgrades.

Bridger Pines County Water and Sewer District Wastewater Upgrade

The Bridger Pines County Water and Sewer District recently completed upgrades to their domestic wastewater collection and treatment system. Utilizing grants and low interest loans acquired with the assistance of Stahly Engineering staff, this zero discharge wastewater treatment system solved a solved a 30 year old non-compliance situation experienced by the District.


The District is now in the process of developing a more productive and reliable water source for use by the residents of this small community located at the base of Bridger Bowl Ski Area. Stahly Engineering is assisting with water source development, DEQ review, and a preliminary engineering report that will analyze alternatives and provide documentation of the need for funding assistance.

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